Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm often asked why did I write Don't Leave Me This Way?
I had alot to say! I didn't write it for cathartic reasons,
because I was determined to not let the stroke define me.
Although my anecdotes are unique to me (and there are
some laugh-out-loud ones), my patient care seems to be a
common thread with readers that have been through the
system. My goal is to help patients help themselves and
to improve the doctor/patient relationship. I can see I'm
already making a difference, although it is a s-l-o-w process--
just like stroke recovery.

Is Don't Leave Me This Way for the general reading masses? Yes.
It is for any one that has had to face something hard--whether it
is physical or emotional. It is about going through identity
changes: being a wife and a mother--marriage and parenting.
While it details my true comeback story from a devastating
hemorrhagic stroke, it encompasses every facet of life when
given lemons and how to make the grandest lemonade one
could imagine!