Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Listening When Done With Intent Makes Connections

In thinking about effective communication, it occurred to me that listening is the most important component. So I created an acrostic for LISTEN in my presentations. Communication is how we connect and is the bedrock of life! It is the aptitude to have an open mind, open heart and a closed mouth, so that the main focus is listening-- Facial expression and body language speak volumes over actual words Listening is how one can gain knowledge and ultimately gain wisdom.
Listening is a skill that requires practice as well as intention. I know that I have caught myself in the back-and-forth of conversation, forming my response before the person I am conversing with has completed their sentence, so I am only half listening. One doesn't become educated or wiser when talking, but only through really listening.
There is a reason that pets in hospital settings are so therapeutic. They listen without interruption and especially without judgment.

Interestingly the word LISTEN can also be an anagram. If you rearrange the letters, it becomes SILENT!

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