Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 - Eyes looking forward with optimism, glancing back with sadness

My recovery has always been about looking ahead. I do, however,
look back occasionally to chart my progress since I was struck by
stroke. September 11 is a time of reflection and sadness for our
country. As when any horrific tragedy happens, we can all recall
where and what we were doing at the time. I was leaving my
neurology appointment when the first plane hit the towers,
having just learned what had caused my stroke four years earlier
that left me paralyzed. I had never had a conclusive diagnosis until
9/11/2001-- the day my country was paralyzed.

I can go right back to July 17, 1997, the day of my ‘incident’ and
remember every detail—what I was doing, who I was with, what
I felt like. It’s the same with today, 9/11: I can replay it like a
movie. But I, like my country, am a survivor, so I choose to
look forward. Like me, my country has come a long way
from those first paralyzing days.
We are a resilient people; we are all survivors.